Kevin Roland
Kevin Roland

Podcast | Kevin Roland, MD of Teneo

Kevin Roland is a Managing Director in New York-based global CEO advisory firm Teneo.

Kevin was a member of the Foreign Service of the U.S. State Department, serving in front-line diplomatic roles in Northern Ireland (from 2009-2012), as well as Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia, South Africa, Jordan, and the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs in Washington, D.C.

Despite working around the world, Kevin and his family reside at their home in New Quay, County Clare, Ireland.

In this episode Kevin talks about:

  • Why his family decided to call Ireland home

  • Watching his dad loading planes as a kid

  • Colin Powell racing around in a supercar with the King of Jordan

  • Being mentored by the current head of the CIA

  • Playing basketball in the Middle East

  • Becoming fluent in arabic

  • How he got into the private sector (and why it matters)

  • And his advice to 18-year-olds…. “don’t hug the shore!”

Check it out!

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