Johnny Ward
Johnny Ward

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Johnny Ward is the first person from Ireland to visit every country in the world!

He’s also has made $3m from his blog, started a non-profit and now has his sights set on being the first person in history to visit north pole, south pole, every country and climb the seven summits (known as the ULTIMATE explorers grand slam) with his everest expedition starting next month.

In this episode, hear about:

  • The weirdest country he’s taken his mum to
  • Growing up in Kilkeel in a single-parent home on benefits
  • How he started travelling
  • Starting a blog in the early 2010s (the wild west years!)
  • The depression that came after fulfilling his dream
  • Getting arrested twice in the one day in Liberia
  • Smuggling himself into Yemen
  • “Social media is for your ego, websites are for your bank account”
  • The one thing you can only get in Northern Ireland
  • And why suffering is the essential ingredient for success

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