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Home – no longer just where the heart is

Northern Ireland has seen an influx of people returning home to WFH

They say that home is where the heart is. However, in the last 18 months, it’s also become where the computer is, the makeshift desk is, the wobbly office chair is and access to the rest of the world is. While the COVID pandemic has caused a lot of change in a short amount of time, it has also led to some people taking a step back and positively evaluating their lives and their priorities.

For starters, people who normally spend a lot of time travelling to, from and for work, have enjoyed spending time at home with their families. This has led to many people reporting unprecedented levels of productivity and happiness, all stemming from #WFH. However, due to the unprecedented flexibility that has become a surprising side effect of the pandemic, some people have even reassessed where they and their families actually live.

With its abundance of talent and skills, competitive operating costs, pro-business climate, and proximity to Europe and America, Northern Ireland has always been a beacon for international businesses looking to set up shop here. But now, with the recent surge in people being able to work from anywhere, Northern Ireland has seen a welcome influx in people returning home. And it’s not just the major cities that are experiencing this shift. Often-overlooked rural areas are now benefitting from the masses of people moving home from bigger cities. Not only is this helping realign the regional economic balance, but it’s also bringing new levels of life back into these previously struggling towns and villages. We’ve even seen entire businesses being run from homes across Northern Ireland, many of which are based in entirely different countries.

One thing driving this successful migration is the strength and availability of high-speed broadband across Northern Ireland. The UK’s vast support infrastructure ensures excellent service support to businesses. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in Northern Ireland. Not only do we rank as the best in the U.K. for superfast broadband availability, but we were also the very first region in Europe to have 100% access to broadband.

This advanced telecommunications infrastructure is helping to drive a resilient, digital network that provides high-speed voice and data connections throughout the world. For example, we have a high capacity, low-latency transatlantic cable system, providing direct connectivity between Northern Ireland and North America and onward connectivity to Europe and beyond. Add that to the fantastic people already here and unrivalled opportunities springing up every single day and you have the perfect place for your heart to call home.

“Here everybody is quite welcoming, quite warm and everybody receives you with open arms. I would recommend living in Northern Ireland because you have a full package here. You have got nature. You have got good jobs and good schools.”  Jamila Rychlilk, Cyber Security Consultant, Microsoft

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