Neil Walsh, United Nations
Neil Walsh, United Nations

Neil Walsh, United Nations

Surviving Trauma & Fighting Crime

Neil Walsh is Chief of the Cybercrime, Counter-Terrorist Finance and Anti-Money Laundering Department at the United Nations where he and his team advise the UN Senior Leadership on conflict prevention in cyberspace.

Prior to joining the UN, Neil served for over 15 years within the UK National Crime Agency countering international organised crime and terrorism — including long-term postings The Hague and Malta.

Outside of work he's married with four kids and is an avid advocate for bowel cancer, brain haemorrhage, liver failure, osteoporosis and pulmonary embolism awareness (having survived all of these conditions himself).

In this episode find out about:

  • Surviving a terrorist attack at age 13
  • Working for the National Crime Agency
  • Beating cancer (twice)
  • What we can do to keep our kids safe online
  • And the greatest challenges/successes he's experienced along the way

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