NI job roles
NI job roles

8 brilliant job roles advertised in NI in 2024

New Year...New You?

Sometimes January gets a bad rep.

It's cold, Christmas-less and a long slog ‘til pay day.

But like it or loathe it, it does come with an air of optimism and some psychological sense of a clean slate.

A chance for people to metaphorically hit the ‘reset’ button and muster up the internal motivation required to become a healthier, happier, possibly-few-pounds-lighter, version of themselves in the new year.

Whether you’re introducing miniscule lifestyle changes or monumental new habits for 2024, we’re here for it all.

How does a new job sound?

If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, want to expand your skillset, or are starting to get itchy feet in your current role, there’s no time like the New Year for a career move.

In fact, research shows that January is a peak time for companies to advertise jobs and an excellent period for job seekers to find new opportunities.

At Northern Irish Connections, we’re always shouting about the benefits of living in Northern Ireland.

On top of the lucrative housing market, world-class healthcare and quality education system, Northern Ireland also offers excellent professional opportunities.

And to prove it, we’ve teamed up with the guys at
nijobfinder to bring you some of the most interesting and highest paid job roles currently live on their site.

Strap in...



Hillsborough Castle
Hillsborough Castle

1. Historic Royal Palaces Summer Jobs

Passionate about palaces? Fascinated by historical homes? There’s a range of majestic opportunities available at none other than Northern Ireland’s royal residence - Hillsborough Castle.


2. MSC QA Engineer

That means you have a master’s degree in Quality Assurance Engineering. (But if you had a master’s degree in Quality Assurance Engineering, you’d know that). Check it out if you have the skills and fancy a salary upwards of £100k.

NI Water
NI Water

3. Accelerated Craft Electrician Programme at NI Water

Everyone wants to work for an employer who looks after their employees. Voted Employer of the Year 2023 at the prestigious Belfast Telegraph Business Awards, NI Water walk the walk. If you’re looking for a transitional training role to help you become an ECG Multi-skilled Electrician, look no further.


4. Provost & Deputy Vice Chancellor at Queen’s University

This is a cornerstone position in academic planning, budget allocation and overseeing innovative projects for Belfast’s prestigious university. Very snazzy indeed.



5. Various roles at McKinty Associates

Finance directors, we’re looking at you. With a salary of £75k and a comprehensive benefits package, the ideal candidate for this role would be a confident negotiator with strong technical accounting and analytical skills.


6. Dairy Systems Senior Scientist at Agri-Food Biosciences Institute

AFBI carries out high technology R&D and testing functions for DAERA and other government departments. In this role you’d be based in the beautiful Hillsborough, Co. Down, and would deliver high quality research to enhance the sustainability of dairy production systems.


7. Health & Safety Chair for Department for the Economy

This is a lovely wee opportunity for someone who is working part-time in the Health & Safety space. Not only would you be improving the overall economic and social wellbeing of our community, but you’d receive £21k remuneration for approximately 4-6 days per month.


Clinical Research
Clinical Research

8. Clinical Research Fellow at Ulster University

If you have experience in Paediatric Medicine, you could be looking at your next role. You’d be working on a project which aims to improve life expectancy and quality of life for children born with Down syndrome. Now that sounds like a worthwhile career move.



If these roles don’t have you booking a one-way flight home to Northern Ireland, we don’t know what will.

In all seriousness though, if you do have the necessary skills, and think you could bring your expertise back home to the motherland, why not apply?

We have great opportunities, enviable wages, short commute times and the best, friendliest people in the world as colleagues. (Are we biased? Yes. Will we apologise for it? No.)

You just never know. It could be your best January decision of all time!


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