Aaron Koskela
Aaron Koskela

Interview | Aaron Koskela

From New York to Derry

Aaron Koskela lived in New York for over 22 years and when Covid hit, he decided it was time to forge a new chapter. He had previously worked with NuPrint on various projects and when the opportunity arose to come to Derry to work, he didn’t hesitate. He fell in love with and has been here ever since!

Aaron relishes that the pace is completely different to New York but that the strong work ethic is the same. What he likes most about Northern Ireland is the attitude of people here, the culture, the geography and the stunning environment.

The thing I like most about Northern Ireland is the attitude of the people here, the culture and obviously it’s the environment and the geography. It’s just absolutely stunning. I’ve gone from concrete and steel to just the beauty and the natural environment of Northern Ireland.

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