Cathy Craig
Cathy Craig

The Returners Series | Cathy Craig

From France to revolutionary VR in Belfast!

As part of our Returners Series, Cathy Craig, shares her reasons for leaving Northern Ireland, her adventures abroad and the attractive incentives that contributed to her returning home!

Cathy is the CEO and Co-founder of Incisiv, creators of virtual reality technology / software to help people improve performance and manage injuries. Growing up in Armoy on a sheep farm in the 80s, Cathy remembers Northern Ireland not being a nice place to be with the troubles, was scared to go places and would never have visited Belfast!

Fast forward to post Good Friday Agreement, she could see the change and optimism and the huge opportunities in Northern Ireland, so she made the decision to come home in order to raise her family.

There is a new optimism…the opportunities now are even bigger than when I first came back.

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