Ross Lazaroo-Hood
Ross Lazaroo-Hood

Podcast | Ross Lazaroo-Hood

Meet Ross Lazaroo-Hood, CEO of Clearer Water: “a social-impact company” based in Larne.

Ross doesn't rest on his laurels! He's also the founder of Landmark Insurance Group and cofounder of the RUSA Foundation Charity.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Where his name comes from
  • Growing up in an estate in Larne
  • Getting the freedom of the city award in London
  • How his start-up didn't make any money for 18 months
  • Merging his business and personal identities together
  • Why entrepreneurship is an amazing tool for improving society
  • Dealing with haters/trolls
  • Falling back in love with Northern Ireland
  • And advice he'd give to a younger version of himself.

Check it out.

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