Paul Tweed
Paul Tweed

Podcast | Celebrity Defamation Lawyer Paul Tweed

Celebrity Defamation Lawyer Paul Tweed on AI, Supreme Confidence & Using Good Judgement

Paul Tweed is a media lawyer described as “the most powerful man in Hollywood.” He’s represented A-list celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Harrison Ford, Britney Spears, Liam Neeson and countless others — all while being based in Belfast.

In this episode he talks about:

  • How his working class background is a superpower in court
  • The two most important traits a successful lawyer must have
  • What defamation is (and why it’s different to being rude to someone)
  • How artificial intelligence is forever changing the media landscape
  • (And the subsequent legal cases trailing behind it)
  • Why social media companies should be held responsible for content on their platforms
  • The power of supreme confidence
  • And the most challenging moment of his professional career so far

Check it out!

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