Adam Chambers
Adam Chambers

Podcast | Adam Chambers

Meet Adam Chambers...

Adam is the founder and president of Nurse Recruitment Experts, an online business that has sourced and hired 10,000s of Nurses for health systems across the United States and Canada.

In this brilliant episode, Adam talks about:

  • Learning to salsa dance

  • How playing Fifa led to his first entrepreneurial venture

  • Starting a business from scratch with no funding or network

  • Becoming a digital nomad

  • An accidental taxi ride with a billion-dollar CEO

  • The power of investing in yourself

  • His mum walking in on an important sales call (In her dressing gown!)

  • The importance of being supremely confident

  • Why he plans on moving back to Northern Ireland (And what he wants to do when he comes back)

  • And advice he’d give to a younger version of himself.

Check it out...


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