Shane Johnson Belfast Giants
Shane Johnson Belfast Giants
Living In Northern Ireland

Canadian Shane Johnson moved to NI to become a Belfast Giant

Shane Johnson joined the Belfast Giants in 2000, 18 years later he's still living here

Shane Johnson from Brandon, Manitoba, Canada began his ice hockey career at Boston University before spending a year with the Canadian National Ice Hockey Team. He moved to the UK in 1998 when he got a pro contract in the British Ice Hockey Superleague with the London Knights.

Shane moved to the Belfast Giants in 2000 and became a huge favourite with fans during a six-year spell which saw him win a Superleague title in 2002, the playoff cup in 2003 and the Elite League title in 2006 as well as becoming an all-star. After a period playing back in the UK Shane he rejoined the Giants in 07/08 session were he played until his retirement at the end of the 09/10 season. Since retirement Shane has become a project manager for Belfast Giants.

We talked to Shane about this experiences living in Northern Ireland.

I’ve been here for almost 18 years and I’ve nearly spent more time in Northern Ireland than I have in Canada. I never thought I would be calling Northern Ireland my home but it’s great. The people were very affectionate, they are such nice, good spirited people and they were very welcoming.

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