Neville Isdell
Neville Isdell

Podcast | Neville Isdell

Former global CEO and Chairman of The Coca-Cola Company

Originally born in Downpatrick, Neville has lived and worked in over 11 countries around the world, “taking on jobs nobody else wanted to take” and “cleaning up messes no one else wanted to own.”

He spent his life battling Pepsi, leading through empathy and rising up the company ranks before retiring to Barbados at 60, only to receive a phone call a few months later asking him to return to the company as CEO and chair a challenge that he said yes to.

Find out about:

  • Why his family moved to Africa when he was a boy
  • Lessons learned from a lifetime of leadership
  • What's he's setting his sight on as 80 approaches
  • And how a lad from Northern Ireland ended up in the driver's seat of one of the largest companies on the planet.

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