Matthew Scott
Matthew Scott

Podcast | Matthew Scott

Bangor native Matthew Scott is a digital media entrepreneur working hard to change media entertainment, digital storytelling and digital democracy.

Over the last 20 years Matthew has worked as a creator, producer, marketer and innovator with companies such as SKY, BBC, Discovery Networks, Nike, Coca-Cola, Ford, Lego, Intel, Sony Pictures and countless more.

His new company Play Human focuses on helping creators/brands engage with their audiences in the post-social world.

In this edition Matt and Matthew chat about:

  • Growing up in Bangor.
  • Matthew's early days as a storyteller.
  • What got Matthew into tech.
  • How Matthew ended up working with some of the biggest brands on the planet.
  • The post-social world.
  • The biggest lessons that Matthew has learnt along the way.

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