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Maddie Hamill

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Having been born in Belfast, and attended Queen's University Belfast, Maddie Hamill has focused her career on creating growth solutions for Fortune 500 and entrepreneurial businesses in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), food, beverage and health and wellness categories.

Maddie Hamill started out her career as a research scientist in the Department of Agriculture in Northern Ireland. Her plan was to work for a few years before getting married, having kids and living in a house near her mum on the Cavehill Road in Belfast.

What ended up happening was a rollercoaster journey that included moving to Wales to work for a tobacco company, becoming the Vice President of Global Strategy at Coca-Cola and leading growth at Fortune 500 companies like Apple and Nestle — as well as high-potential companies like Dollar Shave Club, Fairlife Milk and most recently, EggLife Wraps.

Recently, her career has come full circle as she is using her science background to advise companies in the medical marijuana space.

In this edition Matt and Maddie talk about:

  • Growing up on the Cavehill Road.
  • Moving to Wales to work for a tobacco company.
  • Rising through the ranks at Coca-Cola.
  • Helping launch the music career of Kylie Minogue.
  • Maddie starting her own business.
  • Scaling companies like Fairlife, Dollar Shave Club and Egglife.
  • Getting into the medical marijuana industry.
  • The highs and lows of her incredible career.
  • And why Maddie loves supporting the Irish Rugby team.

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