Sinead O'Sullivan
Sinead O'Sullivan

New podcast episode featuring Sinead O’Sullivan

Aerospace Engineer who has worked with NASA and is now a Research Fellow at MIT

Sinead O’Sullivan is an Aerospace Engineer from Northern Ireland who has worked with NASA to design human spaceflight missions to the planet Mars and asteroids. 

Now a Research Fellow at MIT, Sinead is taking the methodologies she created at NASA and applying them to the social sciences to better understand global challenges, such as the interaction between democracy and technology. 

In today's episode we talk about:

  • Growing up in Armagh
  • Going to NASA's Space Camp at 16-years-old
  • How life is full of complex trade-offs
  • The importance of a multi-disciplinary approach to learning
  • And the greatest challenges/successes along the way

Learn more about Sinead's story:

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