Depu Foreign Language School
Depu Foreign Language School

Milburn Primary School - Coleraine recorded a Chinese song support the people in China

Let the World be Full of Love

Back in February, when China was suffering from the outbreak of Covid-19, pupils from Milburn Primary School in Coleraine recorded a Chinese song, Let the World be Full of Love, (让世界充满爱) to encourage and support the people in China.

The video, posted on the school’s social media, quickly went global and was widely broadcast in China by media such as CCTV China, China Daily and by one of the leading education sources in China ‘TopSchool’. The Chinese Ambassador in the UK, Mr Liu Xiaoming, also mentioned the Milburn Primary School song several times at events he was speaking at. This song really helped raise the profile of Northern Ireland’s education system in China.

You can watch their video here

In return, the Depu Foreign Language School has now recorded their version of ‘Danny Boy’ to show their thanks and support to Northern Ireland during our fight against Covid-19. You can watch their video here  

Over the past two years, the Invest NI China team has actively promoted Northern Ireland’s education system in the region. Chinese international student numbers to Northern Ireland has increased by 23% annually since 2018, with Northern Ireland becoming an increasingly popular overseas study destination for Chinese students. 

The APAC team hope to use these school videos to enhance Northern Ireland's image in China, to show our schools' global perspectives and inclusivity and raise the profile of Northern Ireland.

On behalf of the Invest NI, APAC team

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