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Moving Home
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Why Northern Ireland strikes the work-life balance like no other

There’s never been a better time to return home

While the events of the last few years have had a challenging impact on many parts of the world, they have also led to a widespread 'reassessment' of how we are living. As many companies transitioned to remote and hybrid working, an unprecedented number of people used this change of pace to take a step back and evaluate their lives and priorities. And as a result, many have chosen to relocate to smaller, more local destinations, moving away from the relentless pace and high costs of larger cities like London and New York. They have instead opted for more affordable, accessible towns and cities. And one of the many beneficiaries of this soul-searching has been Northern Ireland, due largely to the many benefits of living in this beautiful part of the world. 

An Excellent Quality of Life

Northern Ireland boasts an extremely high quality of life and a more relaxed way of living. In fact, Northern Ireland is rated number one in the UK for life satisfaction. Property prices in Northern Ireland are also well below those in major neighbouring cities like Dublin, London and New York. Add to that the excellent education system, world-class healthcare service and highly efficient public transport system, there are very few obstacles to enjoying a contented and productive work-life balance.

Less Travel Time, More Quality Time

Northern Ireland is also quite a small country. Believe it or not, you can cross it by car in about two hours. And that's whether you're going east to west or north to south. But this compact size is part of what makes Northern Ireland so unique. You’ll enjoy shorter commuter times, close proximity to stunning beaches and awe-inspiring mountains ensures you're never short of places to explore. Wherever you're travelling, you'll be met with an abundance of beautiful scenery, action-packed activities and a wide range of cultural attractions. This includes cinemas, leisure centres, theatres, galleries, entertainment centres, pubs and clubs. 

The Great Outdoors

The very definition of the great outdoors, Northern Ireland also boasts world-famous coastlines, castles, mountains and lakes. Not forgetting that we are also home to some of the best golf courses in the world, frequently graced by the world’s top players. And once you've worked up an appetite going around 18 glorious holes, you're never far away from quality dining thanks to the many award-winning restaurants dotted across the country. 

From the friendly people and unforgettable sights to the quality of lifestyle and ease of getting around, this is a place that really can provide it all. So, if you're looking for somewhere new to call home, Northern Ireland has a lot to offer.



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