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Graduate Employment
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Northern Ireland Graduate Employment higher than peers who studied in GB

Graduates from Northern Ireland’s Higher Educations Institutions (HEIs) are more likely to be in employment than their peers who studied in GB

New Statistics released by the Department for the Economy (DfE) for the year 2016/17 show that within six months of graduating 79.4% of NI graduates were in employment with a further 0.6% due to start work.

Employment rates by subject

Employment rates for graduates varied widely depending on the subject. The highest rates of employment were for graduates who studied:

  • Medicine & Dentistry – 95.7%
  • Subjects allied to Medicine – 87.8%
  • Education – 87.6%

The lowest levels of employment where for graduates who studied Mathematical Sciences (63.6%) and Physical Sciences (60.7%). However 29.9% of Physical Sciences and 26.2% Mathematical Sciences graduates were engaged in further study.

Out of the students from Northern Ireland who graduated from HEIs in GB 34% were working in Northern Ireland within six months of graduating.

Read the full report here.


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