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Culture Night Belfast

An online celebration of the Arts - 18 September 2020

Culture Night Belfast is set to go ahead with an online celebration of the arts that will include a rich mix of music, film, performance and much more on Friday 18 September 2020

The team behind Culture Night Belfast is determined to show resilience in the Arts sector, despite the trying times.  Susan Picken, Director of Cathedral Quarter Trust, the charity behind Culture Night Belfast, promised that the 2020 programme will see a spectacular online display with the launch of CNB TV.

“Although this year’s programme will not be happening live on Culture Night we will be broadcasting over six hours of core programming free across a number of channels online.

“As every year this year’s core programming will promote arts and culture, diversity, inclusivity and accessibility for all. CNB TV will broadcast cultural diversity across a range of art forms including music, film, visual arts and arts for young people.”

The Challenge:
Susan said everyone involved is determined to show that they are ready to rise to the challenge.
“The arts sector has been really badly impacted by this pandemic, but I think on the whole it has shown how determined people are to keep going,” she explained. “Resilience is a bit of the theme this year, almost like defiance when we are up against it.

“People have plugged away for years, and they’re not going to let something they’ve built be destroyed. People are creative and will always find a way to make things happen.

With funding dramatically cut Susan says the backing of Belfast City Council and the Arts Council NI has been vital to make sure that they can take Culture Night on to the internet.

What's On:
The full programme is set to be announced shortly, but it promises to be a packed series of events. Some examples of what's on include:

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