Daniel Ritchie
Daniel Ritchie

Australian native Daniel Ritchie set up a manufacturing facility in his family’s home Country Northern Ireland.

Daniel chose Dungannon as the location for Dynamic Equipment

We spoke to Daniel about why he chose Dungannon as the location of Dynamic Equipments new manufacturing facility.

My name is Daniel Ritchie I am the Manager Director of Dynamic Equipment. We design, manufacture and install static quarry plants such as cone crushers, screens, feeders and washing equipment for the Crushing and Screening industry. 

We are based in Adelaide, South Australia and opened a manufacturing facility in Dungannon, Co Tyrone in April 2019.

Connections to Northern Ireland

My father was from Portadown and immigrated to Australia in the early 1970s where he met my mother, sadly, he passed away when I was very young.  Growing up we always had a strong connection with his family in Northern Ireland – this was in days before the internet so it was letters to grandparents, aunties and uncles, sharing photos, phone calls and parcels at Christmas and on birthdays.

When technology started to develop it made contact easier, as mobile phones became popular I grew a lot closer with my cousins who are around my age, we had a lot in common.

In 2000 I visited Northern Ireland for the first time to meet my grandparents and the wider family. I immediately felt at home; we all have the same sense of humour and personalities so hit it off immediately. I stayed for three months but vowed I would be back.

Living and working in Northern Ireland

It was 2004 before I made it back again, I planned to stay for one year working and travelling but ending up living in Northern Ireland for 8 ½ years.

I worked in materials handling companies in and around the Tyrone, Dungannon area.  It was a great time to be working in the materials handling sector, it was an exciting industry there was so much innovation going on, and I stayed because of the opportunities.

I lived with my aunt for 3 years and then the family house came on it market, it was the home my dad grew up in with my grandparents, so I made an offer and bought it.  I still have the house and stay there when I am in Dungannon. Unfortunately with the travel restrictions due to COVID-19, I haven’t been able to get back as often as I planned this year but I am hoping to travel over in October.

Can you tell us more about Dynamic Equipment Ltd?

It has always been my goal to start my own business. When I moved back to Australia I started a spare parts business which exports worldwide.  Dynamic Equipment is my latest venture which came about from my passion for equipment and customers asking for new innovative products. 

We manufacture and sell equipment to the crushing and screening industry. We focus on static plant equipment, rather than the tracked machines which are widely manufactured in Northern Ireland.

Why did you choose Dungannon as the base for Dynamic Equipment?

Northern Ireland was an easy choice for our business, having worked in the sector there for 8 ½ years I knew the skills, knowledge and technical ability that I need were available.  We have been really impressed with the high calibre of talent in Northern Ireland.

I still have plenty of connections and relationships in the sector from my time working there which made it easier to establish the business.

We also got a lot of support from Invest NI including assistance with employing staff and we receive ongoing support from our client executive.

Giving back to Northern Ireland

I have a very strong connection with Northern Ireland not only through my family but my work connections, I feel really proud to be able to give something back. I loved living and working there, the people treated me so well, it was great!

Hopefully, as we continue to grow we can create more jobs and keep giving back.  We also try to support the local community, we sponsor the Loughgall Youth under 11’s football team and also sponsor an up and coming young go-karting driver.

Future plans for Dynamic Equipment

COVID-19 has meant some unexpected challenges this year but we are building the business. We are targeting the US market and have appointed agents in Chile and Malaysia.

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