Cereal Cafe owned by Belfast twins going global

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Cereal Cafe owned by Belfast twins going global

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When Belfast twins Alan and Gary Keery first opened Cereal Killer café in London back in 2014, it made the evening news. It seemed like such a mad idea that people struggled get their heads around it.

A cereal cafe? What, JUST breakfast cereal!? What a load of over–priced nonsense. That’ll never work,” said nearly everyone.

Well it is working. Very well it seems. So well in fact, they were able to open a second café in London and now a third is on the horizon in Dubai, expected to open this this summer.

Why Dubai?

We get a lot of people coming in from the Middle East. One of the sheikhs of Dubai came into the café.  They don’t have a big drinking culture. We hang out in bars, they hang out in cafés. They’re loving it because it’s like a dessert,” Alan told the Independent earlier this year.            

By that logic it’s understandable that there could be an appetite for Cereal Killer Cafes in other parts of the Middle East.

We’ve had huge interest from across the Middle East about setting up branches out there…We’re in talks with Jordan and Lebanon,” Alan continued.

The twins talking about Cereal Killer on This Morning
The twins talking about Cereal Killer on This Morning


So what can customers expect from a Cereal Killer Café?

120 different types of cereal from all over the world for a start. Then there’s the 30 varieties of milk (chocolate, bubble gum, lemon pie etc), not forgetting the 20 different types of additional toppings including filling–wreckers like hundreds and thousands.

All of this is set in a café that’s plastered from top to bottom in 90’s nostalgia, playing re–runs of 90’s kid’s TV shows like Art Attack.

The inside of one of their London cafes
The inside of one of their London cafes

The critics said it wouldn’t work and that it was a novelty but the Keery brother have managed to make a successful and growing business in the centre of London from selling bowls of cereal and creating an atmosphere where people want to spend their time. 

We say fair play, good luck and we’re coming for a visit!

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