Would your kids enjoy this?

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Would your kids enjoy this?

Remember the summer camps that people you knew (but never you) used to go on?

The really cool ones where everyone spent their time zip lining from place to place in a forest, lighting fires, toasting marshmallows and building rafts out of scavenged bits of wood? 

If this sounds familiar, then you know we’re talking about Camp America – probably the single most exciting place you could go on holiday under the age of sixteen.

Now a German company has set something similar up in the heart of the Mourne Mountains at the Greenhill YMCA site. 

Strange but true.

As well as the base in the Mournes, ‘Camp Adventure’ has four locations in Germany and one in Spain.

They do all the usual raft–building sort of stuff and describe themselves as an ‘international sport and language camp’ for kids aged 10–16. 

They also offer more creative orientated camps involved photography and painting. The main theme though seems to be lots of fun!

While the weather in Spain and Germany is almost certainly guaranteed to be sunnier than Northern Ireland, they can’t offer scenery like this. 

A lot of the hit TV series Game of Thrones was filmed here


So this might be something to consider if you have kids and are thinking about a holiday to Northern Ireland. 

Who is it for?  Anyone aged between 10–16

 How much does it cost? 

A one–week camp with food and activity included costs around £415. That’s $608 USD or 545 Euro.

A two week stay at Camp Adventure will cost about £830 – $1215 USD or 1090 EuroShare this with them. 

So if you’ve lived away for a while and have kids then why not give them a treat and help them create some great memories of Northern Ireland? 

*This was written by a bitter 31–year–old who never got the chance to build a raft from scavenged wood at camp America.

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